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About Us

We are a female owned small business based on the North Shore of O'ahu. Inspired out of LOVE for adventures all the while staying cool and shaded from the year round Hawaiian sun.  Our dream is to bless you with a little Shade and Aloha wherever your adventures take you!      

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Coconut Palm hats

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Our small Business

Locally Harvested

Hawai'i has a deep rooted culture that believes in caring for the 'Aina.  Every palm branch used to make our hats is hand picked and harvested on the North Shore of O'ahu. We carefully select each branch being sure to leave a strong healthy tree that will continue to thrive and provide.

Hand Woven

After a day of gathering palm branches, we sit down and hand make every coconut palm hat. We clean, shave, tie, and weave. Each coconut tree is different, resulting in each coconut palm hat to be slightly unique from the rest. Every hat is carefully woven and secured with 100% hemp twine.

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Self Run

The Shade Collection is operated out of a small cottage on the North Shore. Together we handle every detail of our small business. From our products, to the materials we use, to the packaging and mailing. We want to ensure that our small business is run with care and respect for the beautiful islands we get to call home.