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If you wish to return or exchange your order please email us at within 7 business days of receiving your item. If a problem occurs with your coconut palm hat, whether a structural or sizing issue please contact us and we will help to address the issue. Please remember that even though the coconut palm hats are sturdy they can come apart if mistreated. xx The Shade Collection
The shade collection ships all orders through the United States Postal Service. All shipping costs are determined by the destination and weight of item. Please allow 5-7 business days for your orders to be processed. 
Each Coconut Palm hat is hand woven and as a result each hat is slightly unique. Hats may also vary in hues due to the coconut palms aging at different speeds. We try to feature our coconut palm hats as accurately as possible, to precisely display color and style.
You can take your hat hiking or swimming in the ocean, but follow these simple tips and tricks to ensure a long life for your coconut palm hat. While your hat is in the fresh and green stage avoid letting it bake in the direct sunlight or in hot cars. Once your hat is starting to dry out then place it in the sunshine to turn it a nice golden brown!